Wrapping- The Best Way To Burn Fat, Detox Your Body And Lose Weight!

The procedure of wrapping the body in a plastic wrap is a cosmetic treatment which produced the effect of a greenhouse in order to stimulate the sweat glands, improve circulation and remove toxins and harmful substances from the body.

You can do this procedure at home, using kitchen foil or plastic wrap. Many people do this in order to lose some weight, improve their skin or detox their bodies.

There are many different ways to wrap your body in a foil, each of them with its own use. We will present you 2 methods or wrapping which will be useful in losing weight, eliminating cellulite and detoxifying the body.

Honey Wrapping

Put some honey in a bowl and heat it, then add one egg yolk and few drops of some essential oil (orange, lemon or jojoba are the best choice)

Apply the honey paste on the problematic areas like thighs, stomach, arms, and tightly wrap it with household foil.

Wear warm clothes and lie down under a blanket for 1 hour, then remove the foil and wash off the paste.

Clay Wrapping

This is maybe the most effective way for burning fat and eliminating cellulite. We recommend using blue clay because it contains great number of microelements which have positive effects on the skin. Mix some warm water with smaller amount of blue clay, to get a paste with cream density, then apply it on the affected areas equally.

Wrap these body parts with kitchen foil and put on some warm clothes. You can rest like this for an hour or, for even better results, do some physical activity or exercise during this time.

Repeat the procedure two times a week and you`ll notice the results in no time. The fat and the cellulite will be gone, as well as your stretch marks.

The skin is absorbing the microelements from the clay during the treatment, so it becomes smoother, softer and more elastic.

Scrub your body before the procedure for better results.

Benefits of wrapping

Wrap the problematic parts of the body with foil or plastic wrap when you go to the gym or do some physical activity, at least 3 times a week. Combine wrapping with healthy diet, and you`ll lose 2-3 pounds in a week for sure.

  • Wrapping help you shape your body
  • Kitchen foil is cheap and can be found everywhere
  • Wrapping improves skin health, and eliminates cellulite effectively
  • You can wrap your arms, belly and feet
  • The foil stimulates sweating, resulting in weight loss.

Note: We don`t recommend wrapping in case you suffer from any of these conditions: heart disease, varicose veins, hypertension or cardiovascular disease!

source: losingweightdone.com