A Woman Allowed A Homeless Man To Sleep In Her House: She Was SHOCKED When She Woke Up! Find Out Why!

While walking towards her home, a Texas woman saw a homeless man out on the street. Since it was a cold night, she decided to help him and offered him to sleep inside her house so that he can get warmed. During the night, she suddenly woke up, only to see something shocking.

This woman is 66 years old and lives with her 2 grandkids in Houston, Texas. She wanted to stay anonymous, even though her big heart made her invite an unknown homeless man in her guest room, to sleep on her bed and eat her warm food.

When everyone fell asleep, she heard some noise in the middle of the night, right after 1 AM, and it was coming from the room where Smit, the homeless guy, was sleeping. According to his statement for KPRC TV, he heard some bang that woke up only him, not the old lady and the grandkids. He got out of bed to check where the sound came from, assuming someone was trying to break in, which was not the case. Then he opened the door of the owner`s bedroom and saw what the problem was, managing to react in time.

A fire caused by an explosion in the attic has caught the whole house, filling it with smoke. In the explosion, a part of the ceiling fell on the old lady, trapping her in the bed. Smit rushed in the room, removed the ceiling parts off the owner and took her outside on safety. In that moment he realized that the grandkids are still inside.

Risking his own life, Smit went back inside to rescue the little girls. He found them trapped in their room, so he grabbed them and safely took them outside. The house in which the old lady had lived for 40 years was now gone, everything got burned, but luckily they all managed to get out of it alive and safe.

So the homeless man repaid her kindness with saving their lives.

Most of us don`t even notice the homeless people, let alone give them food or shelter, especially not in our own homes. But this lady was right to listen to her inner sense. If she didn`t invite Smit in her house that night, she might not have been alive today. As people say “What goes around, comes around”, meaning if you offer people help, you will receive help.

Source: www.foodandourhealth.com