Using A Potato, You Can Light Your Room For A Whole Month (Video)

Recent studies have discovered something incredible. Potatoes, when cooked for 8 minutes, can create battery with 10 times more power than raw.

The professor of science and agriculture, Dr. Hain Rabinovitch and his research team have discovered that using unit from potato slices, placed between a copper cathode and a zinc anode, linked with a wire, will create LED lights which can light a room for a whole month.

They conclude that potatoes can provide electricity for one tenth same as any AA battery, which can be used for personal electronics.

This discovery shows that there are many different possibilities which can be offered to the underdeveloped parts of the world.

Dr. Rabinovitch says that they chose potatoes because they can be grown almost anywhere, even in tropical and subtropical parts. Potatoes are the most abundant crop in the world.

Raw potato is not the actual source of energy, it provides the electricity being the bridge between the metals, and it allows the electrons to more through the wire, which creates the electricity.

Potatoes are also chosen because of their solid starch tissue, which makes them perfect for storing for months without attracting insects.