A Few Things That Will Happen To Your Body If You Stop Having Sex. No. 3 Seems Especially Scary!

Regular and healthy sex life is very important for our wellbeing, but we tend to underestimate its importance. These 8 reasons will prove to you why you should not neglect the sex life. Here`s what can happen if you stop having sex:

1. Getting sick frequently: Lack of sexual activity for longer time periods can weaken the immune system, allowing bacteria to spread and attack the body. This results in often colds and flu. Having more sex means being healthier.

2. Increased stress levels: Regular sex reduces the stress hormones, making you more relaxed.

3. Getting aroused becomes more difficult: Lack of sex makes it difficult to get aroused. Men can have problems with the erection, while for women it can be more difficult to have an orgasm.

4. Changed dreams: People who don`t have regular sex may notice some very strange dreams, like dreaming about sex or having orgasm in your sleep.

5. Losing the sex drive: Prolonged periods without sex can reduce the production of sex hormones. Being abstinent for a while, you may not want to have sex. The vanishing sex hormones are changing your libido.

6. Distance between partners: A couple who almost never sleeps together can feel a great distance between the partners. Not only that you start feeling uncertain about your partner, but other people start to attract you as well.

7. Lower self-esteem and feeling of self-worth: If you don`t feel desired, your self-esteem gets affected. It may even lead to sadness and depression. According to a study, regular sex can help you fight depression because it works as an antidepressant.

8. Greater risk of cancer: Men who don`t have regular sex have bigger chances of getting prostate cancer. Flushing out the pipes can significantly reduce this risk.

These few reasons should be more than enough to encourage you to make love more often.