Stop Eating Garlic If You Suffer From Any Of These 6 Medical Conditions!

As many studies and research have shown, the active compound in garlic, allicin, lowers high blood pressure the same way ACE inhibitors do.

Garlic is also very beneficial for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), relaxing blood vessels and preventing the formation of hormone angiotensin II.

Not only that garlic is perfect for many food combinations, it is nutritious, healthy and delicious, it can also cure the immune system and treat numerous infections, like ear infections.

But, no matter the health benefits of this vegetable, certain groups of people are advised to avoid consuming or not consume garlic at all, because it can cause them some serious health problems.

On one hand, garlic is excellent for treating circulation problems, due to its anticoagulant properties- it can prevent the formation of blood clots which can result in stroke, heart attack and thrombosis.

On the other hand, people who suffer from certain conditions which require prescription drugs should not consume garlic, especially without consulting their doctor first, because it may cause excessive bleeding.

Consuming garlic can reduce the degradation of certain drugs or reduce their efficiency in people with liver problems.

It has been proven that almost all drugs can have harmful reactions if combined with any form of garlic.

People who have sensitive stomach should also avoid consuming garlic, especially raw, because it will be difficult for the digestive system to process it. If taken with certain drugs, it can also cause gastrointestinal counter reactions.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should eat moderate amounts or raw garlic, but not as a medicine.

Also, garlic is not advised for people with low blood pressure because it can additionally lower it and cause further complications. Even people who have blood pressure within the normal range should reduce the consumption of garlic.