Soak A Piece Of Bread In Vinegar And See What Can Do With It

Calluses are a common skin condition, in the form of a hard, rough skin area with yellowish color. There are many people who suffer from this painful problem, which usually appears on the feet, palms or knuckles.

Unlike corns, calluses are bigger and they don`t have defined edges. The surrounding skin is very thick, so the calluses’ skin is not so sensitive to the touch.

Calluses usually occur when the skin is rubbing against something for some period, either a bone, the shoe or the ground. Most of the calluses appear over the ball of the foot, which take the biggest part of the weight when we walk. Running or walking barefoot can also add to the formation of calluses, because these activities put repeated pressure on the foot. This is why athletes are very susceptible to this skin condition.

Other causes of calluses can be dry skin, reduces fatty padding, holding objects like hammer or racquet very often, and many more.

Calluses occur on the feet because this part of the body is most exposed when we walk, so people like athletes, musicians, dancers or chefs have the highest risk of experiencing this condition. There are some simple, natural remedies which are very effective when it comes to treating calluses:

  • Bread and vinegar: This is a very simple method- all you need to do is to soak a piece of bread in white vinegar and apply it on the callus. Cover the area with gauze and secure it with a bandage, then let it act overnight. The next morning, remove the gauze and the piece of bread and see the results for yourself.
  • Lemon: For this remedy you will need an organic lemon. Peel it and apply the peels on the calluses before going to bed. The next morning, remove the peels and your skin will be smoother than ever.
  • Castor oil: For this method, you need to apply some castor oil on the calluses before bedtime, and in the morning you`ll have amazing results.