Scientists have discovered a plant that can kill cancer cells in only 40 days

After testing a Chinese plant with a strange name on rats with pancreas cancer, scientists have discovered that it has incredible power to kill cancer cells and remove them all from the body in only 40 days. Now they are requesting the approval and funds for human testing, hoping for positive results.

This miracle plant is called lei gong teng or translated in English “thunder god wine”, known for hundreds of years in the Chinese alternative medicine as a cure for rheumatoid arthritis and many other conditions and diseases.

The Masonic Cancer Center at the University of Minnesota conducted a research in which the plant managed to kill and completely get rid of the cancer cells in 40 days, without remission. You can find the results published in the “Science Translation Medicine” journal.

It is believed that the healing power of the plant is due to the amounts of triploid cells in it, which have been researched before in correlation with cancer fight. Until today, no one has managed to create pharmaceutical cure for cancer, so it`s very possible that we need to look elsewhere. We can start with the nature where millions of plant we haven`t even heard of exist, like this one, which can heal all sorts of conditions, so why not cancer as well?

The thunder god wine plant is very cheap and accessible to everyone, that`s why the big pharmaceutical companies are trying to hide these information, keep the results from the researches in the shadows and stop the FDA from approving the medicine. And the thing is that even if the medicine is synthesized from the plant and approved, some other company will buy the patent and make huge profits from it.