Scientists in Amsterdam just destroyed breast cancer tumors in 11 days without chemo

In American women, the most common cancer type is breast cancer- one in eight women will develop it during their life.

But a new clinical trial may have found a potential cure to destroy this health threat once and for all. European scientists have made a breakthrough in the search for breast cancer cure.


Prof. Nigel Bundred presented his research at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Amsterdam, revealing the effects of the Lapatinib and Herceptin drugs. Both of them were often used in s cancer treatments, but the research combined them together for the first time. The combination was used before surgery and chemo. The study discovered that the drugs combination can destroy certain types of breast cancer in only 11 days.

The research was funded by the “Cancer Research UK”, in order to see if the drugs can be used fight the HER2 protein, which is known to affect the division and growth of cancer cells.

This treatment is very interesting because it eliminates the need for surgery and chemo, avoiding the side effects like hair loss, vomiting, fatigue, or other negative impacts on the body. Plus, chemotherapy is not usually very effective, so every alternative option is more than welcomed.

Results from the study

The study included 257 women with HER2 breast cancer, divided into 2 groups: control group and group which was put on the drug combo. Results showed that 11% from the group using the drugs were cancer-free in less than 2 weeks, and 17% of them had drastic drop in their tumors sizes.

The control group was given only Herceptin, where it was found 0% of the participants without any trace of cancer cells, and only 3% with certain drop in the size of the tumor. The two drugs combined have an incredible effect on breast cancer, compared to being used on their own.

The problem now is that Herceptin is only allowed to be used along with chemotherapy, not on its own. Let`s hope that the results from the study will change this.

More work still needs to be done, but this is certainly a big step in the fight against cancer. If this kind of medical improvements continue, we`ll have a cure for this deadly disease sooner than we hope.