Russian Scientist Photographs Soul Leaving Body And Quantifies Chakras. You Must See This!

Can you give some answer on the question   does the soul exists? Russian scientist, Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov   claims that the soul does exist and he can prove that there is something beyond death. Namely, he has photographed soul leaving body and quantified chakras, which is explained in the text bellow.

For many years ago, the idea that there is a soul has been part of the human culture. Some people believe that there is a soul, but some people believe that the soul does not exist. But does truly exist some prove that the soul exists?  I am sure that someday, someone will find a technology that can prove that soul really exists.  But until that happens, we can only look at the effects of the soul. Trying to prove the existence of the soul is similar to proving the existence of gravity. You know that the gravity exist, but you can really see it. You can just feel the effects.  Many years ago, in the early nineties, a professor at The St. Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Optics, and Mechanics in Russia, Konstantin Korotkov, had created something very interesting… This technology isn’t new; this has been created time and time again through different means.

This scientist had created a device he named GVC, which is based off the ancient Chinese system of energy meridians. It measures the bio-energy that all living organisms give off through a noninvasive, painless evaluation.

He uses a small electrical current that is connected to the finger tips and takes less than a millisecond to send signals from. When these electric charges are pulsed through the body, our bodies naturally respond with a kind of ‘electron cloud’ made up of light photons.

If you use CCD optical camera, you can capture this glow and after that you can translated on your computer.

Each sect of the fingertip represents different organs and systems in the body.


 This computer program has the ability to project the figure of a body and places a type of auric cloud around it that is in correspondence with each chakra.

Further, an ancient Ayurveda Indian medicine claims that, each part of our fingertips correspond to different body parts and systems within us.

Also they say that there are seven main energy points along the center of out being as well. Further Konstantin it has used this idea and also has applied it to his technology.

 Each chakra is represent with different colored balls, and how much work we need to put into it, physically, mentally and emotionally. The farther off it is from the center, the more that specific chakra needs working on.


 If your throat chakra is off, this can mean that you need to work on speak up. If your heart chakra is off, that can mean you need to practice compassion and understanding with the people in your life.

Also Korotkov used a type of Kirlian photography to show the exact moment someone’s soul left their body at the time of death! He says there is a blue life force you can see leaving the body. He says the navel and the head are the first parts of us to lose their life force and the heart and groin are the last.

In other cases, he’s noted that the soul of people who have had violent or unexpected deaths can manifest in a state of confusion and their consciousness doesn’t actually know that they’ve died.

By over 300 doctors around the world, this method has been used. They have used it for monitoring stress and even treating things like cancer.

Many doctors are finally starting to understand that many ailments stem from an emotional disruption first and then manifest into a physical illness.

The more we can understand the depth of consciousness and how it affects our physicality, the more we can explore medically.