Crazy Trick That Really Works to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you`ve experienced shoulder or neck pain and got the advice to raise your hand, you probably know how difficult and painful this move can be.

Working in an office means spending a lot of time at the desk, which can cause neck and shoulder pain. Activities like staring at the screen and using the computer mouse for hours can be as hard as some more difficult physical activity, and we are not able to do some exercise which can be beneficial for our health because the pain restricts our movements.

How can we deal with this problem? Attack the source of the pain. It won`t be easy because it`s probably not in the place you think it is.

In this video, OWN will demonstrate us a method to heal the source of the tension in order to relieve the neck and shoulder pain.

But before you decide to try the method, consult your doctor if it`s appropriate for your symptoms and condition.