In this case we are going to tell about things that you should do or don’t do, to fight against lung cancer and its occurrence.


This is one of the things that you should definitely put on the DON’T list. It’s one of the biggest causes for cancer, that luckily you can affect on. Some researches showed us that this horrible habit of ours increases the chances of cancer up to 250% in comparison to the people who don’t have this awful habit. The smokes of factories, fumes, fried food, is only a small part that contributes to the appearance of this disease.

-Consumption of raw garlic

A study showed that the green tea lowers the chances of lung cancer up to 18%. The next one was the physical activity with 15%. But the first place went to the raw garlic, which is the best prevention of this terrible disease. The garlic acts like a chemoprevention. Some  Chinese scientists say that eating raw garlic frequently, can be your biggest salvation when it comes to lung cancer, because it can lower the risk of getting one by 44%. So turn your attention to this vegetable, consume it as much as you can, without cooking it, and just like that enjoy being healthy!