A Few Reasons To Stop Using E-Cigarettes

Scientists have previously discovered that E-cigarettes can cause popcorn lungs, an incurable lung disease, but recent research has found another negative effect of these cigarettes on human health.

The research was published in the PLOS One journal and it has found toxic compounds and nanoparticles in e-cigarette vapor, which can cause serious damages to the outer skin layer in the mouth. They damage and strip away the glutathione-a protection layer of the cells, and destroy almost 85% of the mouth cells, which are left defenseless. All of this increases the risk of all sorts of oral disease, and one of them is cancer.

UCLA researchers have conducted studies using a machine which can mimic smoking e-cigarettes and now they are prepared for human trials on individuals who already smoke e-cigarettes. The researchers plan to compare the results, but they are sure the results will be very similar.

As they have stated: “There is an increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes in the general population, so we urgently need to characterize their arsenols and confirm the damages they are causing to oral epithelial cells.”

Health care professionals are urged to inform and warm their patients about the potential risks of using e-cigarettes, based on these findings.


But the UCLA study has only explored the risks of the EC vapor only in the mouth. What happens when it gets in the body? Things get even worse.

The vapor of EC can weaken the immune system, so it gets difficult for the organism to fight illnesses.

People claim that EC can reduce the harm which regular cigarettes are causing. But this theory has many holes in it.

Statistics say that 32.5% of EC users have never smoked before, or have quit smoking before they began using the EC. 62% of young people between the age of 15 and 19 have smoked an EC at least once in their life. 72,4 % of adolescent smokers use both regular and electronic cigarettes.

Also, smokers began using EC only recently, and it took centuries for people to recognize how harmful cigarettes are, because certain diseases caused by cigarettes take time to develop, so it also takes time for researchers to connect these two.

The video below will present you more potential dangers of using e-cigarettes. Knowing all the risks of vaping, we can only imagine how much more are there, waiting to be discovered. So the theory that EC are a safer option falls into water.

Source: www.davidwolfe.com