He Put His Life At Risk To Save A Girl From Gangrape

More and more people are starting to raise their voice against crimes, because silence can only increase the confidence of criminals.


Recently, a shocking incident happened, when a model and photographer from Chennai rescued a girl from gangrape.

It all happened on Friday evening, in the Alandur area of the Chennai town. Vasant Paul was returning home from watching the first Kabali show, when he heard female cries from far away.

He shared this terrifying experience on Facebook, posting as well some photos of the bruises and wounds he got. This is his Facebook status:

“From all the scars I have, these are the ones I`m proud of.

This evening was perfect, I met some dear friends, when to see the first Kabali show, we had a great time. On my way home, I took a detour through Alandur, to avoid the awful traffic caused by renovation of the section between the airport and the underpass. While I was driving, I had to pee badly, so I stopped, then I smoked a cigarette. Behind me there was some empty land from where I heard strange mourning combined with resistance sounds. At first I thought it was a cat or some animal, but then I realized the voice was human. When I decided to leave I heard something like “… please help…” so I jumped in and shouted to get the attention of some passerby who could also help.

There I saw 3 guys, not one from the South (I spoke all 4 southern languages, that`s how I know). I`m not exactly sure how were they speaking, it was not regular Hindi, it had some accent…

When they saw me, one of them started a fist fight. In that moment I saw the others trying to undress some fully drugged girl. Then the guy I was fighting with put a thick rope on my neck and tried to strangle me.

The more I resisted, the more the jute rope was cutting my neck. Luckily I managed to make time for the girl to escape. She run on the road and stopped some passing car. The guy from the car stepped in immediately and beat the shit out of these jerks, before they ran off. I was almost chocked to death, I couldn`t breathe normally for a few minutes, but the important thing is that this guy saved our lives.

We offered to take her to the police station, but she didn`t want to report the case. I even walked around the area for half an hour to find some cop and tell him at least what happened, but I couldn`t find a single one.

As I`m writing this, my friends are looking for those bastards, and I`m sure that we`ll get them very soon.”

What is the moral of this story (and many other similar ones): Face every situation bravely, don`t be afraid, the others will join if the cause is good. If we don`t look out for one another, who will?

source: www.caravanalive.com