The poop, when it’s healthy, can go from light brown to green, but, sometimes the color can indicate a serious health problem and you should seek medical help immediately.

Noticing the difference in your poop requires that you observe it carefully. I know, we all want to get it over as soon as possible and flush it down the drain, but, it is very important to notice anything that is different about it because it can provide you with valuable information about your health.

The perfect stool is very simple for recognizing: it’s brown, banana shaped, does not stick to the toilet, easy to wipe with no mess, minimal odor and it’s almost always the same no matter how much you’ve eaten. Also, it’s one complete elimination in the morning.

The imbalanced stool has mucus in the stool, it has green or yellow color, or it’s black, greasy or shiny, clay-colored, it has blood in the stool or you notice the undigested food in the stool. This is what the colors mean:

  • Green poop may happen if you ate a lot of green vegetables, but it may also indicate a fast digestion. Also, it may indicate sensitivity of oil of fennel or it may be a side effect from taking iron as a supplement.
  • White stool is caused if you have problems with the bile. For example gallstones block the bile duct you may have pale stools. This will also be acompanied with pain, dark urine and jaundice.
  • Yellow poop is not rare at all, and it’s often greasy and smells like rotten eggs. It may be a sign of celiac disease and anyone with these symptoms should visit the doctor immediately.
  • Black stool may be caused by various factors. If you’ve consumed some black candy or black beer, that may affect it. But, sometimes it may be something way more serious. It can be caused by internal bleeding in the upper digestive tract, which may be caused by a tumor. If it’s caused by that, the stool will smell very bad.
  • Red stool may be a result of eating a lot of red vegetables and fruits, but it may also be a result of bleeding in the digestive system or a sign that you have hemoroids

Bowel functioning is much more complicated than what we think. So, if your bowels are functioning properly you should be able to:

  • Pass a bowel movement within a minute of sitting on the toilet
  • Pass a bowel movement without feeling any pain
  • Do a complete evacuation of your bowels at once

In order to achieve the perfect bowel movements, you will have to follow the next rules:

  • Chew your food
  • Eat until you’re 80% full
  • Gluten-free diet
  • Eat foods rich in healthy nutrients and fiber
  • No artificial sweeteners, excess sugar, chemical additives, no excessive amounts of caffeine  and processed foods
  • Add more naturally fermented foods and probiotic supplements.