Pay Attention On This 7 Early Signs Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer can’t be recognized at the beginning because it doesn’t manifest any particular symptoms. About 40% of the patients have been diagnosed when the disease has progressed in the 3-rd stage.

The early stage of lung cancer cannot be seen with the chest x-rays. CT scans are the most effective for  diagnosing lung cancer. All the people that are between 55 and 80 years of age, and all the active smokers should implement this test, in order to be safe from the lung cancer diagnosis.

Here are 7 early signs of lung cancer, that you should know in order to prevent it or to be prepared for the upcoming fight:

Whistling/ Wheezing

If you notice some whistling or wheezing sounds while breathing normally, you should go to visit your doctor as soon as possible. These sounds could be result of numerous medical conditions which are benign and that can be healed. Also these sounds can be a sign of obstructed or inflamed airways.

Shortness of Breath

This lung cancer symptom could be result of obstructing or narrowing of the airways, or stored fluid in the chest because of lung tumor. So when you notice that you are lacking breath while you’re finishing some easy tasks that you haven’t got problems finishing them before, you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible, Don’t delay it.

Pain in the Chest, Back or Shoulders

Pain in the chest area could be caused by metastasis or aggravation of the lymph nodes or the ribs. You should go and visit your doctor.

Persistent Cough

The chronic cough can be a sign of lung cancer. You need to know that if the cough stops in 2-3 weeks, it has been only an ordinary cough that is tcaused by cold or respiratory infection. But if  you are coughing out mucus, don’t delay your visit to a doctor,in order to do the necessary tests on your lungs and chest, including x-rays. There can be some changes in  the cough like: coughing up blood or extra mucus and frequent coughing with hoarse and deeper sound. If you notice that someone else is experiencing these symptoms, advise him to visit his doctor as soon as possible.

Continuous Headache

The patient can experience headaches if the lung cancer is expand to the brain. But you should know that not every headache is related with the brain metastases. Sometimes, the lung tumor applies pressure on the main vein which is transporting the blood from the upper part of the heart.

Bone Pain

If you are suffering from excess pain in the bones or any other part of your body, that is a sign that you are affected by some health conditions. That means that you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Weight Loss

The cancer cells are draining our body’s energy that was generated thanks to the consumed food. This results with noticeable and rapid weight loss.