CONFIRMED: Cancer Is Entirely a Man-Made Disease

Cancer is a disease created by man, caused by the excesses of modern life, shows the study of researchers. Cancer was very rare until recent times when pollution and poor diet became important factors. These disease takes millions of lives each year all over the world.

Even the first descriptions of surgeries for breast and other cancers originate from the 17th century, and the first information about specific tumors date from 200 years ago. It’s not that long ago.

Researchers even did tests on hundreds of mummies, and just one showed positive for cancer. Evidence in fossils are also very rare, and among them there are just a few dozen determined, mostly disputed examples, publishes the journal Nature Review Cancer. In the study that studied thousands of Neanderthal bones, it has been confirmed that only one example is in the possible state of cancer. According to references in ancient Egyptian texts, problems that resembled cancer were probably caused by leprosy or varicose veins.

Scientists claim that in the natural environment there’s nothing that can cause cancer. But, when it comes to pollution and major changes to the diet and the lifestyle? Yes. An important point of the study is that it provides a historical overview of the disease, and the data from the millennium gives the modern society a clear message: cancer is a man-made disease and it is something we can and should manage. But sadly, after the Industrial Revolution, cancer rates exploded, and in particular among children, which proves that the rise in cases is not exclusively tied to longer life.

However, it’s very important that you watch out for your diet, and take good care about your body and the state it is in. Regular exercise, eating clean and maintaining a healthy body weight can help to prevent one of the many forms of cancer.