No Spiders and Insects in Your House with This Amazing Plant

It is not unusual to find bugs in any home and this is especially true when it comes to spiders. There is no doubt that every homeowner wants to eliminate these insects and make their home safer and neater. However, many of them don’t want to use chemicals to solve this issue.

The good news is that there is an all-natural way to say goodbye to the spiders and insects in your home.

It turns out that most insects including spiders can’t stand the scent of peppermint.

So, take some peppermint essential oil and some water and mix them well.

Use a sprayer to spread this mixture in different parts of your home. Spray the doors, windows and corners around your home.

Every little bug that is bothering you will be taken care of.

According to some users of this mixture, mice avoid this scent too.