Leg pain can be very unpleasant, and they can make your daily activities seem slightly harder, but they can also be so painful that it will cause you an inability to walk normally.

Pain in the legs can be caused by various factors, but mostly they start with problems in the back, where the nerves begin and then the pain just switches to the lower limbs. Therefore, all who complain of pain in the legs or feet or feel weakness in any part of the lower extremities, should be examined fully, including the lower back.

– Acute pain

In the most severe cases of pain in the legs, those who experience it receive waves of pain from the lower back to the hips and upper legs, and in some cases, the pain can be very sharp, unpleasant and very painful.

– Leg Cramps

Unlike short – term condition where due to cutting off the circulation there comes to an effect that quickly passes, during the prolonged pain it comes to a serious drawback of all life, especially in the most drastic cases.

– Weakness or heavy legs

The most common complaints of people suffering from this condition is the weight of the legs or weakness of limbs that prevent the normal operation. They described the feeling as “forced pulling the lower leg when walking”.

– Constant Pain

This type of pain usually is felt in the buttocks, so technically there is no pain in the limbs. Like other pain, it may stem from hidden problems with the lower back and you need to see a doctor.