To maintain clean clothes we often use gentle detergents or other chemicals we buy in the stores, but maybe it’s time for a change.

Instead of using those rough chemicals, we’re going to present to you natural mixture of vinegar and baking soda.  They are much more friendly to the skin and don’t pollute the environment, but are strong as any detergent.

To do make your own detergent, you will need two cups natural soap and the same amount of washing soda ( sodium carbonate ). Put the soap in the pan and pour water to cover over it. Mix the ingredient on low heat until the soap is completely melted. Add eight liters of water, soda and twenty drops of essential oil, the fragrance you prefer.

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Mix until you have a homogenous mixture. For washing your clothes you will need only one cup of this mixture. Instead of a softener, use white vinegar. Here is how to use vinegar with the exact amount of water and temperature for your laundry needs!

– For sweat and deodorant stains, apply the vinegar directly on the stains.

– If you use white vinegar as a softener, you will get amazing softness and smoothness as flowery meadow.

– Mixing salt with vinegar can do miracles when it comes to washing your clothes, because this mixture has strong antibacterial properties!

– Using natural sources, like white vinegar will help you avoid any skin irritations caused by all those fabric detergents.

– Don’t be fearful, this natural mixture will fight off odors just as the fabric would.

– If you have stains from red wine, coffee, grease, etc., just mix ½ cup white vinegar with warm water and you’ll get rid of any stain!