This Natural Remedy Will Remove Adipose Tissue in 8 Days!

Lipoma is an adipose tissue growth, a benign fat tissue tumor which develops in different sizes on the neck, head, arms or armpits.


Although the real cause hasn`t been discovered yet, it is believed that genetics play a great role in the development of lipomas. Surgery combined with medications is the treatment recommended by conventional doctors. But there is also an alternative, natural way to help with this condition.

Here is a natural remedy you can prepare at home, which will help you remove lipomas in very short time, without pain. The remedy is advised by dermatologists because it`s safe and effective.

Homemade natural remedy for lipoma

For the recipe you will need organic honey and whole grain flour.

Mix the flour and honey, in equal amounts. Apply the paste topically on the lipoma, in 5-10 mm layer. Cover it with a bandage and let the remedy act for 36 hours. Remove the bandage and rinse off the remedy. Repeat the procedure for 8 days straight, and you`ll notice how the fat tissue is starting to decompose and reduce. The honey is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent which improves blood and lymph circulation and removes waste from the body

This remedy can also help with ulcers and external wounds. The treatment was successful in one week, in cases where modern medicine couldn`t help for 2 years!

How to reduce fatty accumulations:

  • Avoid using refined oils and saturated fats
  • Reduce the intake or avoid completely white flour, milk and dairy products, meat, and food filled with preservatives and pesticides.
  • Use more natural spices, fruits and vegetable- they stimulate removal of toxins and fat decomposition
  • Consume more food rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Sprouts are rich in essential nutrients, so make them part of your diet
  • In the morning, drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice, to cleanse the organism and stimulate liver function.
  • Detoxify the whole body regularly.