Natural Kidney Repair With A Teaspoon Of Baking Soda

If we want to repair damaged kidneys, the first thing to do is to determine what caused the damage. Here we will present you an incredible ingredient which is very effective in treating damaged kidneys.

The endocrine system produces enzymes and hormones which dissolve the food we consume. The kidneys and the pancreas produce sodium bicarbonate which helps the body dissolve, absorb and use this food. Usually the pancreas produces the bigger part of sodium, but it all depends on the food.

Too much fat or sugar can cause the pancreas to work more and produce less sodium bicarbonate, which leads to kidney damage. Sodium bicarbonate is very important for human organism because it protects the kidneys and other organs, and it neutralizes acids. Sodium deficiency will leave the body unable to neutralize the acids, causing serious damages to the kidney and other organs.

A team of experts from the Royal London Hospital has examined the effects of baking soda on the kidney and discovered that it is very beneficial for slowing down the progression of kidney stones. They also discovered that baking soda can fix kidney damages and help patients undergoing dialysis.

If the kidneys can`t produce enough sodium bicarbonate, other organs replace them. If case the other organs can`t produce or get the sodium to the urine, it enters the blood system and becomes acidic. Healthy kidneys transfer the sodium into the urine, normalizing the blood pH levels, but damages kidneys can`t remove the acids from the blood.

The 2-year study showed that baking soda has incredible success in patients undergoing dialysis, because it can treat and reverser the kidney damage and eliminate the need of dialysis. Only 6.5% of all patients included in the study, from 33% on dialysis, still needed dialysis after the research was over.

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, can stop the progress and reverse the negative consequences of kidney failure, as well as other related diseases like end-stage renal disease or heart disease.

Oral consumption of baking soda can increase the efficiency of dialysis, as it goes directly into the blood stream.

Baking soda neutralized acids like sulphur, nitrogen or phosphorus, and it allows them to pass through the kidney, without causing any damage. This kitchen ingredient can also be used for many other health conditions, even for cancer- cancer patients use baking soda to treat the negative side effects from chemotherapy.

Treatment with baking soda:

  • The first day, put some baking soda under the tongue and let it dissolve
  • During the next few days, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with half a teaspoon of salt (with high quality), and dissolve the mixture in 1.5 liters of water. Drink it every day.

Another way to prevent and treat kidney damage is to eat a healthy diet and improve your lifestyle in general.