Often, we believe that anxiety and worrying are something negative, like a cloud over our head that makes us worry even when we can’t identify why. And, the most obvious sign of anxiety is biting the nails.

But, according to one study, the more often you worry about things – the smarter you are! And, according to that – anxiety might not be the actual driving force behind the finger – chomping and other body repetitive behaviors.

Instead, the study actually says that those who are prone to biting their nails go for perfectionism.

Well, other than this very encouraging information, fact is that if you bite your nails you will be most likely prone to infections and your fingers might be very differently shaped.

However, if you feel your habit is somehow linked to perfectionism, check out these few signs:

  • Do you think in very black and white, “all or nothing” term?
  • Are you very hard on yourself?
  • Do get easily depressed because you’ve failed something?
  • Do you re-think over and over about some project and when it would be the ideal time for it to start, but yet it never seems to be the right time?

If you answered these questions positively, slow down a bit, there is no reason to be so hard on yourself. However, perfectionism can make you an incredibly driven and talented person if you head in the right direction.

Anyhow, watch this amazing video in order to stop biting your nails.