This man shocked the doctors when he managed to cure himself from the most dangerous type of cancer

Biggest part of cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy, but this often harms the body even more and doesn`t even give the expected results. After months and many sessions of chemotherapy and the accompanying negative side effects, many patients turned to alternative, natural medicine.

13 years ago, a Croatian citizen named Ante Kresich was diagnosed with lung cancer- one of the most dangerous types. Doctors gave him only a short time to live. But he proved all of them wrong. Using only herbs and honey, he managed to completely cure the cancer. Now he is a strong, healthy beekeeper.

Many cases like this one exist, and they all confirm that a mixture of honey and some healing spices and herbs (like pine needles or ginger) help in the cancer fight.

Like this patient from Bosnia who managed to defeat cancer with a homemade remedy containing only honey and ginger. Today she`s sharing the recipe with the world, hoping that it will help the people that share her misfortune. This is the recipe for her cancer remedy:

Take two ginger roots and chop them, then mix them with ½ kg. of organic honey, preferably from reliable beekeepers.

Place the mixture in a glass jar and take 1 tbsp., 3-4 times every day. Use only wooden or plastic spoon. You will feel the positive effects after 4 days.

It is very important to keep positive attitude. Never give up the fight, no matter what the doctors tell you.