Man Healed 5000 People from Cancer: This Is a Recipe That Kills All Types of Tumor in 90 Days

Cannabis has been used in medicine for years back.

Man Healed 5000 People from Cancer This Is a Recipe That Kills All Types of Tumor in 90 Days

This story is about   Rick Simpson who had cured over 5000 people with this amazing recipe, starting with himself first. He is also an activist for legalization of hemp oil. Rick has decided to resort to traditional healing methods and in his quest he discovered cannabis.

For him it was really not a difficult thing to study the health benefits of this much maligned herb because he was plant life lover and that   was a hobby of his.

Simpson claims that with his recipe made of hemp or cannabis oil can cure some of the deadliest forms of cancer as well as a number of other illnesses like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, asthma, epilepsy, psoriasis, and so on. Due to the rise of the billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, this oil has been used for centuries.

Firstly, he got some cannabis oil and dipped some of the oil on his lesions and then covered them up. Than he observed them for some days. After four days the lesion had been completely healed.  As if the lesion had never been there in the first place, the skin was rejuvenated.

After this Rick has become chief for use of cannabis in medicine. It is important to mention the case of an 80 year old man. He was suffering from lung cancer. The doctors that were treating him gave him only 48 hours to live .His health was worsened after series of chemotherapy and he couldn’t breath. Also he had open wounds that couldn’t heal. With Cannabis oil Rick has helped a number of people. Also he helped to this man. After the treatment with cannabis oil, this man began to breathe normally and his wound has properly healed. After three months of this therapy the man’s cancer had subsided.

In pharmaceutical world there was a lot of skepticism to Rick’s claims. Also several times,   he has been arrested. The reason is growing cannabis and claiming that he can cure cancer with it.

This cancer treatment with cannabis oil consists of doses of several drops to be administered thrice daily. This recipe works for all stages of cancer as well, it is enough about 60 grams of cannabis oil for the treatment of cancer along 90 days.

Even after archaeological evidence of the successful use of this amazing herb, the pharmaceutical companies cannot recognize the potency of cannabis. But, Rick doesn’t understand why.

Rick is hope that   someday the use of cannabis oil will be recognized treatment for cancer and will be made public even by these large pharmaceutical corporations as the health of the public should be paramount to every health practitioner.