This Man Died Because He Was Drinking a Beverage Most of Us Enjoy!

We all know that this beverage isn’t all that healthy and that it should under no circumstances mix it with alcohol, but for some unknown reason, we all choose to disregard these facts.

The story that you can read below is about a man, called Dean Wharmby, who, just like us, thought that these drinks couldn’t affect him in any way. His story should open all of our eyes and make us think twice before putting unhealthy things in our bodies!

Exaggeration is, of course, our worst enemy, but protein shakes and energy drinks should never be consumed that often.

Dean really enjoyed working out and wanted to have the perfect bodybuilder body. This is why he ate every day about 10000 calories to have what to burn at the gym and create that body he desired.

Since he lost a lot of energy at the gym he drank about two energy drinks an hour when he was working out.

About five years ago, he started feeling weak so he decided to visit the doctor’s office. After a couple of tests, his doctor concluded that he has a tumor that could only be treated with chemotherapy.

Dean didn’t want to go into chemo so he chose just so take medication. He was lucky and the tumor was reduced. He went back to the gym and his old diet that included the energy drinks.

When you don’t completely get rid of a tumor it will come back and this is what happened to Dean. But this time he also got liver cancer. Since he refused chemo once again he got weaker and weaker.

The 39-year-old man had learned the fact the reason why he was developing these illnesses was the energy drinks that he had drunk way too often.
Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy end because it was too late to change anything and he died.