A Man ASKED His Friend To Rape His Wife For A Really Petty Reason.

When it comes to money, people have often stooped to pathetic levels. A similar incident unfolded in Ghaziabad that will make you question the act.

A man from Loni offered an appalling deal to his friend: he asked him to rape his dear wife in lieu of money.

The man literally offered his 26-year-old wife to his friend.

Naresh Kumar had Rs 5,000 loan looming over his head. Since he couldn’t find a solution, he “offered” his wife to his friend.

The victim lodged a police complaint and the investigations revealed:

  1. Naresh decided to drink with his friend, Tinku, on September 29.
  1. Tinku was given the ‘permission’ to rape his wife. Tinku is accused of touching the accused’s upper body parts. All this while, Naresh was keeping a watch on the main gate, making sure that no one enters.
  2. When Tinku was done with her, Naresh went in the bedroom to have sex with his wife. When his wife refused, Naresh threatened that he will kill her brothers.

Naresh and Tinku have been arrested.

Naresh and Tinku are equally at fault. If Naresh ‘offered’ him his wife, Tinku should have denied. How could a man’s own friend rape his wife? Isn’t that against the morality of friendship?

What’s disturbing is the fact that the man ‘offered’ his wife! She is a human being, not a property that you can pass on to your friends. Even if Naresh was vexed about the loan, he should have looked out for better solutions rather than adopting an easy yet disgusting way.