This is How to Lose Weight for Your Body Type!

Only a small number of people can say that don’t have over weight problems .If we analyze we will see that this problem can occur in different parts on the body.


If you know what type of food you should consume or what kind of exercise you need to do, you can resolve your weight problems.

So, you can solve these problems but, firstly you must determine your body type.

You can check the list below and discover what type of fitness routine you need in order to lose weight fast.

  1. Apple Body Type 

Usually people with apple body type, have additional weight in the central part of the torso. In other words, waist and chest sizes are usually similar if not the same, but their hips are a little bit smaller. Jennifer Hudson and Oprah are good examples of celebrities that have apple body type.


What Should Apple Body Type Individuals Eat?

We should say that people with apple body type have more chances of developing health problems related to their heart. Namely, it can be crucial to adjust your diet to support your cardiovascular system.

Your daily menu, 50% should be packed with fruits and vegetables. Also, it is great idea to eat organic grains including brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. Definitely, you need more proteins. But it is important that the sources of protein must be low-fat foods like fish, peas, organic cheese, beans and nuts.

 Exercising for Apple Body Type Individuals

In case you have this body type, a fitness plan that includes strength and cardiovascular exercises is crucial for the reduction of fat. Also jogging and fast walking can be useful in addition to your regular fitness routine.  Weight training and yoga have proven to be useful too.

  1. Pear Body Type

People with pear body type keep most of their weight in the lower part of their bodies.  In this case for people like this weight loss can be difficult because burning fat in the middle of the body is extremely complex. The good news is that weight loss for pear body type people is difficult but possible.


What Should Pear Body Type Individuals Eat?

Firstly, people with this body type should control the intake of fat. If you eat   protein regularly, eat just lean protein. Pear body type people are prone to storing fat and they have difficulties storing carbs and protein.

The diet packed with veggies and fruits and complex carbs including lentils, beans, and whole grains can be useful in weight loss .Also you can consume low-fat protein-rich foods like fish and chicken.

Exercising for Pear Body Type Individuals

Cycling or running are ideal cardio exercises specially designed for the lower part of the body.  We should not forget that strength training is important too.

  1. Straight or Rectangular Body Type

Usually this body types are slimmer. In addition, these people have sizes of hips, waist and chest that are similar. Some people say that this makes them appear unattractive. This is untrue because pear type individuals want a figure like this and vice versa.


What Should Straight or Rectangular Body Type Individuals Eat?

Rectangular and straight body type individuals usually accumulate weight in the midsection area. These people often have pudge’s and this occurrence is very bad for the heart health.

It is certainly helpful if they eat more healthy fats like the ones found in avocado.  Also highly recommended are nuts, fish, veggies and fruits. In its essence, their diet must be balanced and healthy.

Exercising for Straight or Rectangular Body Type Individuals

For rectangular body type individuals the simplest way to prevent weight accumulation in the midsection is to work on their muscle mass because this and it will also lead to a well-sculpted body. This will   provide great results.

  1. Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass body type is the most wanted body type. But some women with this type of body can also experience some weight gain problems.  The weight of people with hourglass body type is distributed in all body parts evenly.  But also is true that individuals with this body type tend to gain more weight in their face, knees, arms and ankles.


What Should Hourglass Body Type Individuals Eat?

Namely, like in the cases of other body types, it is crucial to consume healthy, organic food. Our recommendation is to consume high amounts of veggies and fruits. It is also important to use more whole grains (quinoa for example). Don’t forget lean protein.

On the other hand, you should avoid processed foods, meats packed with fat, caffeine and sugar.

A complete body workout is crucial for hourglass body type. In this way, they can spread the fat evenly.

Exercising for Hourglass Body Type Individuals