Lighten Your Skin And Remove Wrinkles, Age Spots and Excess Face Fat In One Week

Aging does all sorts of changes and transformations to our body. This process is very normal for every human being. As we get more experienced and wiser, our outside changes as well. But nothing bothers us as much as the signs of age on our face and neck, all the wrinkles, saggy skin, freckles, age spots…


There are many products on the market promising wonders and incredible results in making you look younger. You can spend tons of money on these products, most of them filled with chemicals, or you can try a natural approach and use this face mask which can help you with this problem in only one week. You will need only two ingredients from the kitchen: lemon and oatmeal.

Lemon and oatmeal mask for perfect face

Lemon is an astringent, perfect for lightening the skin. It is used to remove freckles and age spots, and it will also close your pores by tightening the skin. Due to its high content of vitamin C, it will increase the production of collagen and remove the fine lines and wrinkles off your face.

Oatmeal is used to clean the face because it`s great for absorbing the grease and dirt from the outside factors and the makeup we use. Also, it deep cleans the pores.

The combination of these two ingredients makes the perfect mask for cleaning and rejuvenating your face. Your face will be healthy and refreshed in no time.

For the mask you will need:

  • freshly squeezed juice from 1 large lemon
  • Ground oats


Mix the oats and the lemon juice in a bowl to get a paste. Apply the paste on cleaned face, and let it act for 20-25 minutes. Rinse it off completely. Repeat the treatment every day for a week, the results will amaze you.