Each women has its own distinctive traits. What are yours according to the month of birth?

  • January

These ladies are serious and conservative, but very ambitious. Many of them want to criticize. Rarely when you can irritate them, but if this happens – get as far away from them. They don’t want to show feelings, so do not expect to be cuddled like cats. They allow someone to get close to them only if they believe that their intellectual level and the views of life to the other person are the same.

  • February

These women have an abstract way of thinking. Not everyone can understand them. They have mood changes very often, which means you will have to treat them with patience. But they are terribly romantic! For the loved man they would do anything! People that will cheat on them will no longer see them.

  • March

They are very cute until you upset them. They are very dedicated and loyal, and to live with this woman is a real pleasure. Only a real man can handle it. Typical for this women is the strong charisma and charm they possess. They fall in love very hard and do not want those male tricks.

  • April

These women are diplomats. They have no problem communicating. You should pay close attention, because most of them are hiding fearfully great jealousy, which as soon as it bursts is devastating for everyone around them! But if you can win the trust of this girl, you will be the happiest person on this planet! They don’t open their soul to everyone, only to those who deserve it.

  • May

They are very persistent and faithful to the end on their principles. The ladies born in May are very beautiful, but in combination with the hard character, they become dangerous for every man.

  • June

Very curious girls, creative and communicative. They often tend to hurt others because they always tell the truth. But, that is also their motto – better tell the truth in the eyes then stab someone in the back! They play dangerously when it comes to love, and they play with men like toys.

  • July

These girls are very mysterious and don’t allow anyone to come near. Besides being very honest, you will rarely see them brag. They tend to avoid conflicts and are nice to everyone. They often look back in their past and suffer. But, if one of these girls falls in love with you, your biggest mistake will be if you cheat on her.

  • August

Unique combination of big heart and egoism! Don’t play with these girls, because sooner or later she’ll win! Although they are cheerful and with an incredible sense of humour, they don’t let anyone bother them. If you use them, they will destroy you. They want to be the center of attention and they never lack the male attention.

  • September

Sweet, disciplined and lovely girls. But they never forgive people that do them wrong.  so watch out,  because they tend to get revenge. They like long relationships, but on the other hand, they are very critical to their partner and want from him to fulfil all their expectations. Their brain doesn’t let them do mistakes although their heart wants to.

  • October

Women born in October have iron character, and demonstrate power and independence. But on the other hands they are very emotional. They rarely cry in front of other people, but when they’re alone they open their soul and what’s hidden underneath.  Other women hate them because they envy them.

  • November

These ladies are always one step ahead of everyone else. They can read you and recognize the lie from kilometers. You cannot and shouldn’t play with these women, because in the end, you’ll suffer. As soon as they conquer the heart of a man, they will leave a mark forever and sign it. An important thing to know about these women is that if you want to hear the truth, you should never ask them for their opinion.

  • December

They are very impatient, but born with very luck. These girls always tend to find a way to get out of any situation as winners. You’ll always have fun with them, because they know how to lift your mood. Usually, they will win over you in just few minutes. Their heart is big, so people often hurt them, but that’s why in the end, everyone gets what they deserve.

source: timeforhealthyfood.com