The human body is an excellent system that works only if all organs are functioning perfectly. If any organ of the body is not functioning properly, there are certain health problems, and symptoms may appear on the most unexpected places.

Today, we’ll be focusing on our kidneys. These are some early symptoms that you should not ignore!

  1. Low back pain

This is a red alert, and you should seek medical attention immediately. The pain will be accompanied by very painful urination.

  1. Appearance of skin diseases

The most common symptoms of kidney failure are skin itching and dryness. That is happening because kidneys are in charge of disposing toxins from our body, so, any malfunctioning of the kidneys will easily result in skin-related issues, like rashes.

  1. Swelling of different body parts

Also, a red alert. As we said, kidneys are in charge of eliminating toxins and waste from our bodies, so when they’re not working the way they should be, wastes in the body build up, which results in swelling.

  1. The color of the urine

Very important thing, because if you have any problems with your kidneys the color of the urine will change, or become more foamy or much more concentrated. This is something that requires immediate medical attention.

These are just some of the symptoms you should not ignore, because the kidneys are a very powerful organs in our bodies. For instance, they are in charge of ensuring proper transport of oxygen to the RBCs by a vitamin – erythropoietin. So, when the kidneys are damaged they can’t properly secrete this vitamin, which leads to anemia.

Kidney damage can be prevented by cutting down the risk factors, some of which include avoiding harmful places, like places where people smoke or places full of cadmium, since it has been proven that cadmium causes kidney disorders.