How To Improve Your Focus And Do One Thing At A Time

We have become masters of multitasking- we read phone messages, text and follow Facebook alerts, all this at the same time.

How To Improve Your Focus And Do One Thing At A Time

It`s very natural to switch between devices, but this is not without a cost.

The professor of Neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Earl K. Miller is explaining, as part of the series “Digital Divide”, what is happening with device multitasking.

Can device using change the brain function?

Any experience is changing the brain, so the answer can be both yes and no.

When experiences change the brain, you think in different way. The same goes with devices.

The downside of using devices is that we are too superficial and we change what we pay attention to all the time.

Devices are distracting us easily

Information is rewarding for the brain. It evolved in a period of less information, when any potential one was helpful and useful.

Now we live in a different era, when we find information all around us, and the brain was not designed for so much. Even though it can`t adapt properly, the brain still tries to perceive all this information.

Multitasking as a problem

The capacity of our brain to process information is very limited, only a few thought at a time.

We were designed to do one thing at a time, but now we need to switch back and forth, and it takes time for the brain to change from one task to another.

Switching between many tasks in a short time leaves the brain confused, trying to figure out where it was previously.

We think we are better in multitasking that we actually are

We must realize that we are not good in multitasking. The worst ones are individuals who think and claim to be the best multitaskers. We cannot properly do few things at the same time because we simply get distracted by screens and devices.

Ways to fight digital distractions

The brain is hungry for knowledge, so your willpower can`t help you focus on its own.

Turn off the computer and the Internet for a certain time period. Plan up in front to remove all the distractions. Focus on one thing at a time, for example, if you reading a book, don`t check the mail, or if you are working focus only on the work, switch off the TV.