The Importance Of Urinating After Sex

Regular and pleasurable sex has many positive effects to your health, both physical and mental. Certain practices and routines, like urinating right after sexual intercourse, can bring benefits to you and your body, because it helps fight infections which put in danger your health.

During sex, bacteria and microbes from the genital and rectum area can enter the urethra, increasing the risk of urinary or bladder infection. This is proven to be the most common cause of UTI (urinary tract infections) in women.

Women are advised to urinate right after the sexual intercourse, to avoid this from happening. This way, all the impurities will be eliminated from the urethra (where the urine passes), preventing the bacteria to make its way to the kidneys or bladder.

Unlike men, female ejaculation doesn`t take place in the urethra, meaning that the only way to remove all the impurities which have entered during penetration, is via urination. Always urinate after sex, preferably right after the intercourse, but no later than 45 minutes after.

Another safe way to protect yourself from infections and STDs is by using a condom.

Now that we`ve established how important is urinating after sex, we need to mention the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene before and after sex as a way to prevent UTIs, protect your health and fully enjoy the intercourse.

If the woman is prone to cystitis, she should wash the vaginal area with lukewarm water and some pH neutral soap, right after sex.