Hungary Have Just Destroyed All Fields With Monsanto GMO Corn

Hungarians have just destroyed over 100 acres of Monsanto corn fields when they discovered that they`ve been grown with GM seeds. As their deputy state secretary of Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar said: “We finally stood up to the biotech giant Monsanto.”

Unlike most of the EU countries, in Hungary the use of genetically modifies seeds is forbidden. Peru is another country which has passed a 10-year ban on GMO foods in order to eradicate GMO crops.

Bognar also states: “Around 1000 acres of corn, found to be planted using GM seeds, were destroyed throughout the whole state. Although the corn has been ploughed, the pollen has not spread.”

Investigations discovered Monsanto products among the planted corn.

“Free movement of goods in the EU signifies that the authorities won`t investigate how these seeds managed to arrive in Hungary, but will check where can these goods be found” indicated Bognar.

In May 2015, a new EU legislation made GMO legal in all countries, unless they choose otherwise. UK and Germany decided to opt out. Hungary hasn`t yet responded to the legislation.

The fact that GMO seeds are modified is not something that should worry us, but why they are modified- to handle mass doses of glyphosate and survive.

GMO seeds are covered with herbicide, dangerous for humans, which can lead to build up of glyphosate. This is a possible cause for the recent increase of cases like cancers, autism or long-term developing diseases.

The Monsanto company is aggressively trying to cover up legally the public discontent. Unofficially, they are silencing farmers, paying off US scientists and buying off members of the government. For countries like Hungary it is easier to plow under the crop, than trying to decide what the truth is and what is just a farce with communication failures and the disastrous reputation of Monsanto.