Here’s How to Properly Take a Tick Out!

The most accepted way of getting ticks out is pulling it upwards and rotating it at the same time. This method could be wrong and we have been doing it wrong the entire time.

Usually, ticks can be found in nature in spring and summer.  Also they can appear in autumn as well. Therefore, when we spend a lot of time outdoors we should be especially careful. Usually, ticks can stick to wet and soft body parts, such as the, stomach, underarms, also the neck and chest, behind the ears, and on children`s heads. When they once break our skin, they start feeding on our blood and that can lead to various infections and even Lyme disease. So, the most important is reacting on time and removing the tick right away.


Firstly, when the tick gets onto the skin, it starts looking for the point of entry. Sometimes that can take hours. Therefore, when we are spending more time outside, we must check our skin every few hours. However are recommendable, wearing closed footwear, bright clothes, and long sleeves?


How we should remove a Tick Properly?

Firstly, we should take a pair of tweezers and pinch them close to the tick ` s head and pull upwards. In case, if the head stays in our skin, we should remove it with a sterile needle. Also, it is important that we never pour alcohol directly onto the tick. Because if the alcohol is very strong may dissolve the tick and can spread the disease into the bloodstream.

However, it` s important visiting a doctor and getting the tick removed by a profession. We should react within 24 hours.