Here’s How To Get Rid Of The Cockroaches Once And For All, It’s 100% Effective

If you`ve ever had a problem with cockroaches, you know how difficult it is to get rid of them. You can use commercial products, but they contain lots of chemicals which can be harmful for human health, as well as the odor they emit.

Here we will present you a simpler and better way to eliminate cockroaches once and for all. What you need for this homemade repellent is one yolk and 50 grams of boric acid powder. Mix both ingredients to form a thick paste. Form small balls using your hands, let them rest for an hour and place them in all the visible corners around the house, as well as the shells, kitchen cabinets, closets etc.

If you can`t find boric acid powder, you can use 3% solution combined with some flour and 100 ml raw yolk. This mixture gives the same results.

The cockroaches will be curious to see what these balls are and they`ll come out to smell and touch them with the mustache. This will neutralize the insect, it won`t be able to warn the others, and they`ll approach to the ball as well. This method may seem silly and unsuccessful, but it`s actually very effective.

You need to repeat the method after 6 months, because there are probably eggs laid by the female cockroaches, so there will be new generations coming after a while.

The balls are completely safe, you don`t have to worry that they`ll harm someone from your family or your pets. Boric acid is not toxic, it is used as a disinfectant.