This herb from your garden can cure baldness!

Rosemary, or as the Greeks and Romans called it- “summeri rose”, was a herb dedicated to the goddess of beauty and health Aphrodite, and has been known for the medical benefits for centuries.

This fragrant and aromatic herb is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids that improve blood circulation and make the blood vessels stronger. That`s why it is used for curing headaches and improving concentration and memory. Also, it sooths the digestive system, helping with digestion problems, constipation and cramps.

It is a powerful diuretic and it cleans the toxins from the liver.

Rosemary extract stimulates bile secretion, which is very important for digestion of the fat.

It can also help with tiredness, relieve of rheumatic pains, sciatica and muscle pain. Just mix rosemary oil with some neutral one (like sunflower oil) and massage the painful area, or put a rosemary tea in the bath water.

In addition, rosemary has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it suitable for treating infections of the ear, throat, and nose, as well as bronchitis.

The rosemary shrub grows up to 3 meters, it blooms in April and September; during the winter it should be protected in a warm place. The flowers should be picked when in full bloom, the rest (branches and leaves) – during the whole year. Tea from young flower and branches is excellent for depression, soothing tension, colds, cramps or headaches, as well as muscle relaxation and menstrual cramps.

How to make a tea: use fresh or dried leaves, and cover them with boiling water, strain after 15 minutes. Drink 2 cups a day, but not in the evening, because it can disturb your sleep.

The essential rosemary oil is only for external use. Nursing and pregnant women should use it in only small doses.

You can also make wine from rosemary, for circulation: soak 2 tablespoons of flowers and leaves with a liter of white wine (preferably home-made), leave it for 6 days and then strain it. Drink a small cup on an empty stomach. It will improve your blood circulation, calm the heart, and help you with inflamed joints, gout or rheumatism.

For rheumatism and problems with circulation you can also use a rosemary tincture: mix 20 grams of rosemary with 100 ml of alcohol, let it stay for ten days and then strain it; use for external massage or drink 15-20 drops dissolved in a glass of water, every day.

Rosemary extract can also treat dandruff and prevent excessive baldness because it stimulates scalp circulation