HEINZ KETCHUP BANNED and here is why you should avoid it

Ketchup is something that we all simply adore. Incredibly good and tasty, so you just can’t imagine fries or pizza without it. And you probably think that it can’t be that unhealthy right? Well, actually it can. Especially the Heinz Ketchup.


Read these 3 reasons why you should completely get it out of your diet.

  1. High fructose corn syrup

The high fructose corn syrup that Heinz contains is made from GMO corn and it can lead to diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Also, it is loaded with mercury –a toxic heavy metal.

  1. Distilled vinegar and sugar

Each serving of Heinz which would be one tablespoon, contains 4 grams of sugar, which is more than enough of bad sugar for the day. The distilled vinegar comes from genetically modified corn which is treated with toxic chemicals and pesticides. Eating this ketchup on daily basis may lead to pancreas and liver damage.

  1. No nutritional value

Heinz ketchup has no nutritional value at all. It does not contain fiber, nor proteins or any other nutrients.  It is made basically of nothing but sugar, GMOs and chemicals and has no redeeming significance.

This article was about a study about Heinz ketchup, but other industrially made ketchups are nothing better. So, instead of buying ketchup, you should make your own organic ketchup.

source: www.healthylivingstyle.net