Scientists constantly experiment with various ways that can help people sort of grow back their hurt, amputated or sick parts of their body.

In future we will possibly be able to grow back each part of the body. The case with this little girl is so interesting because they used 3D – printing in order to help her function normally!

In 2013, two twins were born, but one, unfortunately was born with a rare cranial condition, called Tessier facial cleft. This little creature had problems with her nose cavity, because it didn’t had proper cargilage, and her eyes were spread apart.

Her parents were very aware of her condition, and that this is a very rare condition and not many studies have been done on that field, but they were brave enough to go forward and try everything that could possibly help their daughter.

So, they found two doctors that were able to make a 3D model of the head of their daughter, with the precise cranial features.

And then, they started experimenting. They made different cuts on the model,  so that could be ready when the time comes for a surgery.

First, they moved the little girls eyes together, and closed the forehead gap. Everything went great, the surgery was successful, and the little girl can see normally now!

The next phase of the surgery is to change her nose cavity, and they hope that by the time she gets to go to first grade, she will have a normal face!