This Exercise Gives Better Results That 1000 Sit-ups, And It Takes Only 60 Seconds A day!

Abdominal fat is one of the most difficult to get rid of. We all want a flat belly, but also hate doing sit-ups. Good news has arrived from fitness experts- they are recommending a new solution for your abs which has the same, or even better, effects as doing 1000 sit-ups.

This static exercise they are recommending is called “the plank”: the body stays straight as a board, while all the weight lays on the hands and toes. The body staying straight and not moving an inch strengthens the abs. Repeat the exercise a few times a week, for at least 10 minutes. Here are the instructions:

With the palms firmly on the floor, stretch the shoulders in order to separate them as much as possible. The focus should be on the abdomen. The legs should also fell pressure, if not- set the heels further so that you rely on the toes. This way the quadriceps will be more tensed. To activate the muscles in the lower body part, squeeze the buttocks.

Hold the buttocks lower, don`t raise it. The body must be in a straight position. Inhale and exhale. To hold the body in the proper position, imagine a glass filled water balancing on your spine.

Now, align the wrists with the shoulders with pressing the knees and hands on the floor. The back is straight the whole time. The nose should face the floor and the back of the head must be parallel to the ceiling. Then, stretch the right leg backwards, with fingers bent. Repeat the same with the left leg.

At this part of the exercise, the body is supposed to rest on the hands and toes. Hold this position for about a minute, then bend the knees and sit on your heels. In this position, the big toes should be touching, and the knees should be separated.

After this, lower them towards the thighs and touch the floor with the forehead, just lightly. Stretch the arms in front of you and relax.

In the beginning do 3 reps, and after a while increase the exercising time for more than 60 seconds.