Gallstones are nothing strange to both adults and children. Gallstones are really hard to notice, because some of the patients don’t even have symptoms, while others have rashes or sensitivities.

Gallstones are really hard to notice, because they are not visible when performing routine checks, like x-rays of liver. They can be very different types with cholesterol germ inside them, like green, dim, white, red or dark tinted.

These stones are the perfect place for gathering parasites, infections, blisters and microorganisms which go through the liver and it is because the gallstones are permeable. This condition leads to creating nests of diseases that supply the body with other microbes.

Of course you would immediately like to get those thing removed from your body. And we have the recipe just how you should do it.

This recipe requires the next ingredients:

  • 4 teaspoons of unrefined Epsom salt
  • Fresh juice of one large or two small grapefruits
  • ½ cup of cold pressed oil
  • 1 cup with a lid

It is very important that you pick the day when you have extra time for body refinement, meaning you should not take any medications or vitamins in form of a tablet. Devour low fat nourishment for breakfast and lunch.

This is how your day should look like:

2pm – by this time, you should stop eating and drinking, or be prepared to feel tormented later. Prepare a mixture out of 4 teaspoons of blended Epsom salt and 3 glasses of water. Freeze this mixture in the fridge. You have 4 doses.

6pm – drink the first dose of the mixture

8pm – drink the second dose

9:45pm – take a grapefruit, squeeze it and place it in ½ measure of cool squeezed olive oil. Mix those ingredients until you make a smoothie. Then, drink it.

When you drink this dose, lay down in your bed still for 20 minutes. Very soon you’ll start feeling the liver stones moving through the liver channels, finding their way out. The next dose of the mixture should be consumed after you wake up, but not before 6am. And the last one, 2 hours after you wake up, and after 2 hours more, you can eat!

Do not worry if you feel sick or if you have diarrhea the next morning – it’s a natural process. That way the liver cleans herself and you will feel relieved.

source: www.fhfn.org