DuPont Found Guilty Of Dumping Teflon Chemicals In The Ohio River, Causing Widespread Illnesses And Death

A resident of the mid-Ohio Valley has received justice after DuPont, a chemical giant, was ordered to pay 5.1 million dollars for pollution of the Ohio River with a harsh chemical compound which is used in Teflon pans. The chemical then spread all around the country, injuring and killing thousands of people.

The case against DuPont was presented on behalf of the plaintiff by Mike Papantonio, the “America`s lawyer”. The jury unanimously agreed that DuPont showed “conscious disregards” for human health by his actions- damping C-8 chemical in the Ohio River, as a waste from the production of Teflon pans, which than contaminated lakes, oceans and other waterways, circulating globally.

DuPont was supposed to dispose the C-8 in proper ways which wouldn`t damage the environment and water supplies which humans and animals use. The thing is that C-8 doesn`t break down like other compounds, and DuPont knew this fact, that the chemical is dangerous for human health, and still chose to pour it in the Ohio River.

How he is facing other charged, in addition to the 5.1 million, which haven`t been determined yet. Only time will tell how many people were exposed to the contaminated water, resulting in cancer and other disease, and how many of them will demand restitution for their suffering.

DuPont`s corporation liable for billions in global damages

The implication of the verdict is more far reaching than just people from Ohio. The Levin Papantonio Law Group provided public information stating that after dumping of more than 2.5 million gallons of C-8 in the Ohio River in 2003, traces of the chemical can now be found in drinking water of more than 27 states.

The harmful chemical has spread all across the world, people continue to report health issues like high cholesterol levels and hypertension, as well as thyroid conditions and testicular cancer. Another very common symptom of exposure to C-8 is ulcerative colitis and many other health issues related to the digestive system.

98% of all Americans have C-8 in their bodies, because the chemical is very bio-persistent and unable to decompose. So millions, or even billions of people have the right to sue DuPont for this travesty. If we are all lucky, he and his corporation will be put out of business for their crimes against humanity.

Papantonio stated that: “DuPont understands only one thing- losing money. He must have a defective moral compass.”

All the individuals who suspect that they were exposed to C-8 are advised to contact a lawyer to see if they have a case or not. DuPont and his corporation don`t care about you or your health, so why should you care about him and his company. He must be forced to pay as much as needed for the damage he did to human`s lives.

“Keep your promises” is DuPont watchdog group and as they say: “This is a signal of verdicts to come. This one verdict alone will skyrocket DuPont`s abuse of C-8 into billions of dollars, money needed by some many citizens and communities for their damage.”