Doctors Removed The Implants From This Woman And Were Speechless By What They Saw

In 2011, a woman by the name of Anna Zigenhorn from Florida noticed she was gaining weight without any reason. This is the moment her whole life changed and turned to the worst.

She search for doctors` advice on her condition, but they couldn`t explain what was happening to her, what was causing her condition. They had to open her chest to discover what was going and, what they found inside was, believe it or not, mold!

Zigenhorn, mother of 2 young children, started gaining weight and losing her eyesight. She was also feeling chronic pain and unexplained wounds were appearing all over her body. For 8 whole months, she couldn`t even speak, the only way of communication was through a message board.

She visited lots of different doctors and none of them could tell her what was causing her disease. Some told her it was lupus, others arthritis, some even said she had thyroid problems, but all of them were wrong.

Dr. Susan Kolb, the author of the book “The naked truth about breast implants”, explained that patients with silicone implants can have serious problems with their health caused by mold around the implants. Once removed, the symptoms will start to decrease.

Zigenhorn has a video of the whole surgery and what was placed in her body. As she believes, the implant has been pouring mold in her body for years, which finally resulted in aggravated health condition.

During her carries, Dr. Kolb has cured thousands of patients with the same symptoms and problems as Anna, all of them with silicone implants. This is why she is advising all of her patients to change their implants every 8-15 years, to avoid the same problems and health threats.