Disappears Fat In The Liver and Prevents Obstruction Colon

It is quite important that in our daily diet we can include a lot of vegetables. One of these is nothing more than nothing less than beets. Also known as betabe or beetroot, this vegetable is a deep purple color that can color other foods, and a sweet taste that is used in salads or juices.

Although it does not usually have any pleasant aspect, especially for the little ones of the house, beets or beets are responsible for containing a huge number of nutrients and benefits for humans, within which we can mention Iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium and B vitamins.

It is for the same reason that in this article, we are going to say that you can include it in your routine diet in the green salads, so that you can give a flavor that is sweet or that you simply drink it with juice as you do it in a traditional way , This is done with orange and carrot, you will get many benefits.

The vast majority of them, serve to prevent obstruction of the colon, burn all the fat of the liver thus reaching to evacuate and improve the whole vision.

Apart from all these properties that are extremely important, the beet also offers:

-A very good blood circulation, therefore we must prevent diseases that are related to all hypertension.

-Energy throughout the day, especially if you have a routine that is quite moved.

-It usually produces an effect that is positive to the brain and in the same way relaxes the mind for all its content in betaine and tryptophan.

-It helps you fight chronic diseases, because its content in betalainas, which offers anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories so that it can protect the body from free radicals.

We advise you to begin to include it in the whole diet of the little ones so that they can also take advantage of each of their properties since they are children and begin to get accustomed to all their peculiar work.


This effective juice, containing apple, carrot and beet have become an excellent drink that is detoxifying and at the same time is depurative. For all its processing you only need 3 beets that are small, 2 large carrots and at the same time an apple.

First of all you should thoroughly wash each of the ingredients. Cut the beet, carrot and apple at the same time into a few pieces and put it all in a blender. Finally you should remove it very well and take it.

If after you drink the beet juice or the whole coma of pink or orange urine, you do not need to worry, all this is due to the great content of bectacyanin, the pigment of the beet. It does not cause any harm or any kind of health problems.