The color of our eyes is one of the characteristics we inherit from our relatives. But, other than that they make us unique, this detail can reveal many things about you and your character.

The different eye color is associated with traits of character, and thus it allows us to detect the characteristics of each one of us.

What eye color do you have?

  • Black or Dark Brown Eyes

They are very rare and therefore always attract attention. They suggest creativity, courage, imagination, and art. There people are very resilient and even after the hardest blow life can give them, they stand tall and upright. They are known for their strong character and attitudes of which they speak out clearly and without lying. They are born as leaders, and know how to make their partners happy, but in love, they are always dominant. They always have common sense, they’re full of confidence and they give support in very difficult situations. In order to reach their goal, they will use anything and everything.

  • Green Eyes

People with this eye color are characterized by persistence and courage. They are always prepared, and rarely something catches them by surprise. Some of them are very curious, love to experiment and usually have original ideas. They are ambitious and sometimes to not choose the means to achieve the goal. In love they are faithful, but very jealous. Although there are those who enjoy in seduction, flirtation and short relationships. Conflicts with the environment usually occur due to their spontaneous nature and charm. They are full of energy and inventiveness. People will green eyes are spontaneous and lucid and when you’re friends with them, you will really have to sharpen your intelligence. This rare color of the eyes gives them advantage in seduction because it hypnotizes anyone who looks at them.

  • Brown Eyes

These people are reasonable and wise, abhors authority and often act like they got no respect for others. On the other side, they are very sentimental and energetic, always say what they think, and that is something they are appreciated for. They prefer to leave an impression of a brave man and skilfully hide their insecurity. They deal great in crisis and almost always have a solution. They are very responsible, serious and brave in the business area, and in bed are very passionate and tend to experiment. When you meet someone, it will take some time to reveal something about themselves, so they do tend to look a little bit reserved. Their family life is the most important thing in life, they are very sensitive and want children. They are also confidential and rarely timid.

  • Gray Eyes

These eyes mean high degree of intelligence and refinement, but not enough passion, because these people tend to think and they do it too much. They are very creative, and they tend to have a dreamers look of the world, and in love. They are often optimists so they tend to wake up the optimism in anyone. They are altruist, who are always prepared to surrender themselves for greater means. They are also very gentle, and are in fact the least aggressive people of all. Their inner strength, analytic thinking and rationality gives them an upper hand in taking a leading rose in any situation.

  • Blue Eyes

These eyes reveal attractive and sentimental personality, very passionate and intuitive. On the other hand they are characterized by humidity and patience, but almost never reveal their feelings. They are very tolerant and restrained in many conflict situations. Eternal fighters for justice and rebels. They are willing to say everything they think, regardless of the consequences. They enjoy challenges of love and superficial pleasures. Dark blue eyes indicate creativity and light blue communication, vigor and lack of confidence and jealousy. They are very attractive and charming, ant they would do anything for their loved one. Their love life tends to be very gentle, consistent and full of support. They are objective opponents in conflicts, they never exaggerate and are very impartial.


source: thehealthyday.com