She Cured Stage 4 Cancer With The Help Of Only One Ingredient!

The famous author of children`s books, Ann Cameron was diagnosed with sta3 colon cancer in 2012. After the struggle to save her life, she has decided to share her story with the world

She is talking about her positive experience in the fight against cancer, using an all-natural approach, which she`s now recommending to everyone with the same problem.

In 2005, after a few months of chemotherapy, her husband died of lung cancer. After her surgery to remove the tumor, she refuse chemo because she was very disappointed in her husband`s unsuccessful therapy. Instead, she decided to search for an alternative method to treat her disease.

During her research, she stumbled upon information about a man called Ralph Role, who managed to cure his skin cancer with the help of carrot juice- he only consumed 2.5 kg of carrot juice every day. SO she decided to give it a try.

She drank the same amounts of carrot juice and after 8 weeks her medical tests showed that the tumor has stopped spreading and the lymph glands have started to reduce.

In 4 months, the tumor was still withdrawing, and in 8 months of consuming the carrot juice the cancer was completely gone.

Drinking carrot juice is not only allow, it is even recommended to consume during chemotherapy and radiation because it`s very compatible with both treatments. Ann didn`t want to suffer the side effects of chemo, so she tried only the carrot juice, no radiation, no chemotherapy

According to her, you can postpone the chemotherapy and try the carrot juice treatment, there`s no harm in this, because this will stop the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. If your organism is in good health when you are diagnosed with the cancer, it is very possible that this can even help you cure the cancer completely.

Carrots- a powerful cancer-fighting medicine

Many scientific studies have proven the cancer-fighting properties of carrots, because they contain Falcarino, antioxidant which can fight cancer cells.

UK and Denmark studies performed on experimental animals affected with colon cancer have shown that regular consumption of carrots can reduce the cancer occurrence by one third.

Another study of patients with breast cancer, who consumed carrot juice, showed increased levels of carotenoids in the blood, which has anti-cancer properties. But, carrots contain many different nutrient and antioxidants, so it`s very difficult to say which of them is the most important in the fight against cancer.