The word “cupping” has an Arab origin, and its briefly meaning is sucking or sucking milk, and it was used to explain the drainage of the breasts of a mother while the baby is sucking.


This ancient method of treatment of many diseases first applied in traditional treatments of the Babylonians, then the Malays, China and Arabia.

As a tool for this technique back in those days, they used animal horns, various cups made of bamboo, metal, glass and more recently plastics. The vacuum, most recently was obtained by sucking air from the animal horns where you put the wider end of the horn on the body. Another way of obtaining the vacuum was to light up a piece of paper or cotton, but nowadays, the most sophisticated way is through a separate vacuum pump.

Cupping is a very awesome therapy, by putting small vessel on the skin at various points of the body, and then comes the displacing of the air and creating a vacuum. In this way, the skin and subcutaneous structures cause the accumulation of blood in that place which is without air. Once you remove those containers, the body is marked with red circles.

It is believed that the blood that lies beneath the skin is full with toxins that can cause pain. Thus they are removed from the body. Modern scientific medical studies conducted worldwide have shown that there is an obvious difference in the composition of blood before and after the cupping.

Here are 5 main reasons why people all over the world do cupping.

1. Pain

The most common reason for anyone to decide for cupping, and it has become popular by athletes. Cupping will reduce muscle pain and fatigue, and also joint and back pain. Cupping is almost like a deep tissue massage and relaxes muscles associated with joint pain.

2. Relaxation

The event of cupping happens under the same conditions like when you’re on a massage. So the whole atmosphere there is relaxing, and the process releases the tension from the deepest parts of your body. Cupping has also been shown as a great ally in lowering stress responses, anxiety and depression.

3. Digestion

Cupping stimulates the digestive track to function better, and it helps with conditions such as stomach pains, diarrhea, gastritis and other common digestive issues.

4. Skin Issues

Cupping can be used for acne, skin inflammation and herpes. That is because cupping will clear any unwanted toxins from the skin, and that way your blood will be clearer and there will be nothing that will cause skin issues. Also, because cupping improves the flow of the blood, it will also help with cellulite and varicose veins.

5. Immunity

The most important reason probably for using cupping. It will help the movement of the fluids in the body, and it will increase the flow of the blood and lymphatic fluid through the body. Additionally, it can even extract and remove phlegm and congestion from the body.

As you can see, cupping is a really amazing treatment that will naturally help you deal with many conditions, such as those mentioned above and others, like: arthritis, migraines and headaches, anemia and hemophilia, inflammation, high blood pressure, eczema. This is a must try therapy for your overall health!