With aging, our body goes through a lot of changes, all the organs change, their function lowers and so does the functioning of the brain. Those changes cause memory loss, especially those most recent, like where we left the keys, did we turn of the stove, where is our ID card, and we may remember less and less what’ve learned. But don’t worry, these are all normal changes, and they are not something you should be stressed out about.

But, on the other hand, dementia represents gradual loss of mental abilities, resulting in memory loss, behavioral changes or loss of social skills. It occurs most often in older people, usually over 60 years old, but it can occur to younger too. Also, this is not a normal process of aging – it’s a disease.

The disease develops very slowly, the process make take years, and at the beginning it cannot be recognized, and over time the situation only gets worse and it has a dramatic impact on the whole family.

It’s a disease that shortly said represents just one button on the keyboard – “Delete”. Deleted memories, the names of the people around you and their faces. Loss of memory is actually loss of identity.

The symptoms of this disease vary on the cause. Usually, you can be confused, constantly forgetting names, recent events, frequent changes in mood, anxiety, aggression, misconduct, selfishness, night waking and wandering streets, further difficulties may be the communication, execution of complex tasks may be difficult, having problems with planning and organizing, poor coordination and motor movements, and also the person may become unreasonable and lose interest in many things. Also, you can be paranoid, or have hallucinations, or lose muscle mass and in the last stage of the disease patient end up tied to the bed.


Now, let’s see the most common causes of this disease:

  1. Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is bad for the overall health, not just a cause for this disease. Now, many researches and studies have been conducted, and researches found many interesting facts and things that link alcohol with dementia.

For instance, they found that if you drink beer once a day every day, you have a higher risk of getting dementia. But on the other hand, if you drink wine, you have a lower risk of getting dementia.

Bottom line is that you should consume 9 glasses of wine in a week, but not just at once on a Friday or Saturday night.


  1. Smoking

Yes, smoking is bad for your overall health indeed! It will destroy your lungs, your heart and you will have a higher risk of getting a dementia.

In almost every study conducted, all smokers had higher risks of getting dementia in each case.

So, don’t be fooled that you’ll be cool if you smoked – your brain is literally shrinking with every cigarette!

  1. Sleeping

Good night sleep is also very important for your overall health, and not getting enough sleep is significantly damaging your brain.

People who have sleep apnea are the ones most affected. Those people even when they sleep for 8 or 9 hours wake up tired, or snore and are usually overweight.

So if you notice any of these symptoms go and check yourself.

  1. Blood Pressure

Having a normal blood pressure is very important, and you should check that more often. Why you may ask?

Well, if you have a high blood pressure, you’re at high risk for many heart diseases , including a stroke, but, now researches are showing that high blood pressure is linked to dementia.

High blood pressure significantly changes the arteries and veins, interfering with bA. So, make sure you keep a steady and normal blood pressure.

These are just a few bad habits, and not to mention the healthy diet you must keep in order to keep your overall health.