8 Reasons why Children Under 12 Should Never Use Handheld Devices

Remember the first time you got a handheld device? How old were you? Probably there wasn`t even wireless internet in that period.

Nowadays, things have drastically changed. Today, even 4-year- olds have their own smartphone, an incredible 75% of them!

You are probably shocked by this number. So are child experts. Some of them, like the therapist Cris Rowan, are requesting a ban on all handheld devices for children younger than 12. Here are some of the reasons why is this good idea.

  1. Problems in mental development:


Technology is frantic in nature, and our brain is not developed enough to accommodate it. This is even worse for children, because their brain is very susceptible to external stimulations.

According to numerous studies and research, children who spend too much time looking at a screen have higher risk of developing problems with their cognitive abilities, attention and self-regulation.

As Cris Rowan stated, technology is limiting their motor, sensory and attachment systems, leading to autism, anxiety, sleeping disorders, addiction to technology, and sensory processing disorder.

12-year-old and younger children won`t limit their use of technology if we try to explain to hem the consequences. It`s us who need to take charge of things.

  1. Obesity:

It is very possible that the today`s generation won`t outlive their parents. This hasn`t happened in the recent history, and technology is partially the reason why.

If you are asking why, the answer is- obesity. Excess exposure to technology goes along with decreased or no physical activity.

Thanks to technology, today`s kids don`t need to break a sweat for anything. And they are only children, we can`t explain them the long-term consequences of this.

  1. Censorship:


From a group of parents surveyed on this issue, only 37% said they can access their child`s smartphone, and 15% of their children said they would like to their parents about the password of the mobile device.

About 88% of all parents whose kids have mobile devices don`t have a clue what they are using them for, what are they doing on the smartphone.

And the law says that children over 12 are mature enough to be held responsible for their online actions. This means that it, for example, little Tim bullies a classmate of his on some social media, he can get charged for this action if he`s 12. But if he`s 11, it`s the parents responsibility to keep an eye on him. They have the right to make Tim tell them the iPhone password so that they can follow what he`s doing. Or there is an even simpler solution, not giving him the smartphone until he`s old enough to acknowledge the long-term consequences of his actions.

  1. Radiation:

You can`t explain to kids how dangerous radiation is. They`ll probably think it`s cool because they`ll associate it with Hulk or some other action hero.

According to World Health Organization, wireless devices are classified as 2B carcinogens, which means that they are a potential risk.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently asked that this classification be upped to 2A, meaning a probable carcinogen.

This fact is very concerning if we have in mind that our kids are with their cellphone in their hands whole day long, even when they sleep they have the smartphone somewhere close by.

  1. Problems with eyesight:

Watching at the screen from a close range, for excessive periods of time will most definitely damage your vision and eye health. This is especially concerning when it comes to kids since they use their smartphones, or some other device with a screen, more than 8 hours a day, in average.

The main problem here is that the child`s eyes are still developing, and they can`t completely filter out the blue light that the cellphone is emitting, which enters deeper than it would in adults.

The video below shows the effects of technology on toddlers.


Source: www.davidwolfe.com