Check here how much should you weight according to your height!

There is a connection between your weight and your height. You are wrong if you thank that it`s OK to be 165, and have 70 kg. Doctors will tell you something different- it`s note only the issue of aesthetics, this can be a health problem you should be worried about. Excess fat can cause problems with blood pressure and all sorts of different problems.

The BMI or Body Mass Index is the most popular way of determining how much weight you should have according to your height. But, according to doctors, this way of measuring is very generic and universal, it cannot apply in every case, not all of our bodies are constructed the same way. For instance, some girls are naturally very slim, others exercise and have broad shoulders; it doesn`t mean that two different girls with the same height must weigh the same, the one can have more muscles, for example, and weight more.

This table will show you how much weight you should have according to your height, and if it`s time to lose some extra pounds. Just practice a healthy diet and exercise regularly, this will help you lose some weight, but not mass from the muscles.