Cancer Can Be CURED And This Doctor Refused To Keep Quiet – He Shared The Truth

Professor Colin T. Campbell has recently been at a great crossroad in his life – he had to choose between his professional career and to share the new scientific discoveries that would change the world. Even the CIA has been asking him questions about the new discoveries that he has made while his colleagues warned him not to continue the controversial research. Alsohe was threatened with being fired but despite everything, Dr. Campbell chose the truth.

Colin T. Campbell, a professor of nutritional biochemistry at the Cornell University, during his latest research discovered that the main cause behind chronic diseases and cancer was consuming animal products among which arefish, milk andmeat. He managed to find a connection between breast cancer and “casein”, the protein that is found in milk.

Andeven though Dr. Campbell is a professional, he highly disapproves all popular diets and he doesn’t get along with the celebrity doctors as his main intention is to provide good health to every person, including the people of the world that are not able to afford pharmaceutical drugs and treatments.

According to Dr. Campbell, doctors can’t be nutritionists because they don’t have the professional training to give advicesabout diet. But when it comes to him, this doctor has spent over 50 years in publicly financed labs and now he wants to share the results of his research with the entire world as well as the fact that a simple diet changes could prevent the heart disease, reduce the risk of cancer and even treat the cancer itself.

According to Dr. Campbell’sresearch, consuming animal products activates the cancer cells, while reducing the intake of meat is reducing the risk of cancer. In other words, the high-protein diet increases the proliferation of the cancer cells and it provides oxygen to the free radicals, which often are the cause of developing cancer.

This research strongly points out that the cure for cancer is,believe it or not, in the plants.

Dr. Campbell comes from a conservative family, he has lived on a farm, and growing up, he was convinced that the milk was of a huge nutritional value. When he started his academic career, he studied the dietary protein among the children in the Philippines. He was totally blown when he found a link between the animal protein and liver cancer.

What shocked him the most was when he read an Indian study that stated the same thing. This was against almost everything that he has ever believed until then, so he wrote a book about diet and epidemiologic studies, along with his son Thomas back in 2005. Even though he expected a limited response from the public, his book sold more than a million copies and it was translated in 25 different languages. In 2013 he wrote another bestseller book where he mentions how casein is the worst carcinogenic that has ever been identified.

Moreover, although his research was not approved for the human clinical trials, some smaller studies showed that the plant-based diet couldactually treat heart disease.

Edward Giovannucci is another professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health to agree with the claims of Dr. Campbell. He also believes that the common diet is the source of all the bad health in the world and that the worst thing about the western diet is that persons eat too much, not just because they consume a lot of casein foods.

However, despite this, the public still prefers to consume animal products. While it could be true that milk is more beneficial than the soda drinks, studies show that milk is not improving the quality of the bones in the later years, but actually the opposite – later in lifeit increases the risk of osteoporosis.

The Cornell Chronicle was interested in publishing the Dr. Campbell’sresearch but they never did due to the pressure done by the Big Pharmacy on universities and small media.

The global economy is now spreading across the crops, agriculture, livestockand Agrochemical Corporation to the hospitals and medical facilities as well as pharmaceutical and drugs companies. This economy recommends certain diets which praise the dairy products and meat consumption, only for the pharma industry to thrive off the profits, while the people are unaware that this could lead to fatal consequences.